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Three ways Google helps your business

Google has provided technological tools for your company which your computer can access to from anywhere you are. These tools allow your company to be more efficient and productive.


Email is one of the most important tools in business communication.

This tool changed the way we write and read our emails.

Many users left Outlook and other clients to use this new tool that allows reading emails in a simpler and easier way, as well as integrating their search engine to find different emails.

Gmail also has a sophisticated algorithm to detect spam or junk mail. So your inbox will always be clean of this type of emails.

The attachments you get can be analyzed to detect if they contain viruses and you can safely download them to your computer.

Besides, you can use the official app for Android and for iOs, where all the functionalities are available. In addition, you can set different alerts, for the different emails you receive.

Gmail is available for custom domains ([email protected]), which offers more security for receiving and sending emails from your company. If you have ever had a problem receiving your emails or spam, Gmail from Workspace will solve that out.


Drive lets you store files in the cloud, create folders and keep all your files organized, so that your colleagues can save the information they need in a business account.

Drive allows you sharing files in a very simple way, coordinating teamwork increasing productivity. In addition to being integrated into Google’s office automation solution (Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations), which is compatible with Microsoft Office so that you can create and edit documents such as word, excel and powerpoint.

Files can be opened in a coworking mode and 2 or more people can work on them simultaneously. Forget those days of sending emails with attachments for a document review.

Drive allows you to see all the changes that have been done on your documents, so you can go back to a previous version and restore or save the changes permanently. No more errors in overwriting with the wrong information.

And there’s even more: if you download the Drive app and documents on your phone, you can review, download, forward, modify the files, from the palm of your hand.


Google has a great solution to manage your agenda in a very easy and efficient. With the Google calendar you can keep track of your meetings and other important events.

And of course, there is an app for Android or iOs, so that you can set notifications and reminders easily.

However, the biggest advantage of this calendar is that, if you have Google Workspace integrated into your company, all your employees will know the calendars and availabilities of other colleagues, in order to schedule meetings more quickly.

And if a remote meeting is required, the Google calendar easily integrates with Google Meet, an application designed for video conferences, which can eventually record the conversation.

With these 3 simple tools from Google, your company can increase its productivity. And if you hire the Google Workspace service you will have access to other applications such as: Google Chats & Rooms, tasks, Google Currents, Forms, among others.

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