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Telecommuting and coworking

2020 made teleworking the only choice for many companies, although it is often done in a rudimentary way: files are “passed” by mail or even WhatsApp, without any control about the software they use and who can access to the information.

In teleworking there is usually the uncertainty that the employee is using the company resources for their own personal benefit.

Our solutions allow you:

  1. Create remote workspaces, safe and easy to monitor.
  2. The information is stored in the cloud space that the company has, so that you can control it and authorize access permissions.
  3. Different versions of the same document are saved, in order to correct them easily when necessary.
  4. Provide your employees a virtual telephone service that you can use from your computer or Smartphone without any extra equipment, additional investment or maintenance costs.
  5. Make unlimited calls to any landline or cell phone number in Mexico, the United States and Canada or to landlines in more than 25 different countries.
  6. Allocate emails
    Telecommuting encourages realtime collaboration regardless where the employees are, which makes teams be more efficient and productive.