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Automation: 5 key steps

Automation is essential for the growth and optimization of any company, including SMEs. At Zonatic we are convinced that automation should not be a long and expensive process, but rather a fast one that allows the simplification of the company’s operation.

Automation To overcome current and future challenges, companies must transform their processes and operations. Infrastructure and processes require updates to support (?) and protect against costly security flaws and the risk of human error.

1. Identify the “funnel” tasks or processes

All companies have a time when the internal process or information flow becomes slower: getting an authorization or signature, filling in a data form, obtaining data key, etc.

2. Measure the impact of this “funnel” process

The impact of a funnel process can be measured in man-hours (How long does it take me this process?) In terms of money (How much money does this delay cost?) attrition (How much stress does a funnel process generate within the work environment?).

3. Delegate responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities does not mean finding a culprit or a scapegoat. It means sensitizing the people involved in the funnel processes, reaching a consensus with all the parties involved. Failure to do so can result in a lack of uniformity in automations or the continued use of time-consuming manual processes.

4. Let technology do its job

Since the mission of technology is to facilitate communication, processes and processing, having technological tools will allow processes to be accelerated. There is technology that allows optimizing and automating 80% of the processes in an SME. Technology must be adaptable, flexible, simple, easy to use and access.

5. Automation: Start changing and training

Once you have implemented the technological changes, you must train your staff to use the provided tools. Remember that the learning curve can be expensive if you chose a technology that does not have the essential characteristics for automation (adaptable, flexible, simple, easy to use and access) At ZONATIC we have a methodology that covers these 5 steps: we analyze and measure the effects of the “funnel processes”, we sensitize those involved, we implement automation with the right technology and we train the staff. Contact us